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Garage door protection is very important. Your garage door is one of your most vulnerable areas during a storm. When it buckles under high wind loads, the garage is instantly pressurized. This often leads to a “domino” failure of the entire building structure. The instant pressurization causes the garage roof to blow off the house. Once this happens, the remaining roof blows off the house and the walls cave inward. Please see information on various Impact Garage Doors we offer below.

Hurricane Master by DAB®

DAB Garage Door Systems was founded in 1998 in Dade County, Florida. DAB’s garage doors exceed Florida’s post-1992 Hurricane Andrew building code requirements. DAB engineers their products to provide superior strength and impact resistance, while also adding beauty and value to your home.

Stealth Hard-ware Solutions® (SHS) Noise Elimination system

This is the world’s first patented ‘Quiet’ hardware system that produces no metal-to-metal contact or transfer noise, thereby virtually eliminating sound caused by the movement of the garage door.

Residential Garage Doors

Hurricane Master has been issued eight patents for their doors, which achieve the highest design loads of any doors available. This is done without mounting large reinforcement on the back of the doors, and helps with clearance, so you can park larger vehicles inside garages.

Commercial Garage Doors

Hurricane Master offers both sectional and rolling doors for every commercial application. Choose from basic hurricane protection to doors rated over +100 -100 psf. Doors are available up to 18-feet 2-inches wide, and all Hurricane Master doors are Miami-Dade building code approved.

DAB Garage Doors Warranty (PDF)
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Hurricane Master by DAB® Fine EVERWOOD™

Hurricane-Ready Steel Garage Doors with the Look of Natural Wood

Upgrade your garage door to one offering hurricane-resistant strength and the beautiful look of natural wood, but without the maintenance therein. The new Everwood color option is a flexible baked on polyester finish that achieves the warm feel of high-grade natural wood on an embossed steel surface.

Hurricane Master by DAB Everwood
Brochure (PDF)
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  • Offers the warmth and glow of natural wood
  • Performance and durability of galvanized steel
  • Eliminates the expense of regular wood maintenance
  • Hurricane-rated doors – large and small missile impact
  • Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approved

Clopay® Classic Collection Premium Series

Improve your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency with a Clopay Premium Series insulated garage door. These models offer exceptional insulating R-values, strength, and security. They are available with Intellicore® polyurethane or polystyrene insulation in 2″ or 1-3/8″ thicknesses. They offer a beautiful appearance as well as quiet operation. Choose from two panel styles, multiple color options, and a wide range of decorative window options.

Clopay Classic Collection Premium
Series Garage Door Brochure
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SIW Impact Glass Garage Door

Instantly upgrade your home’s appearance with the pristine, modern look of SIW’s hurricane impact glass garage door.
  • Miami Dade and Florida Hurricane Impact Rated
  • Manufactured with durable, low-maintenance, 2″ styles with true divided lites and many glazing options available.
  • Can enhance your home’s glass expanses and patios, fusing indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Commercial-grade aluminum, powder-coated in Bronze, White, Woodgrains, and Clear Anodized.
  • Glass types: 5/16″ Laminated PVB, 7/16″ Laminated Impact, or 11/16″ Insulated Impact.
  • Single Panels: 12′-4” x 14′ impact resistant.
  • Double Panels: 18′-4″ x 14′ impact resistant.
  • Solid aluminum panels, louvers, decorative colored glass and privacy glass.

Storm Protection

Shield yourself against South Florida’s hurricane-prone climate. This Glass Garage Door provides powerful protection against severe storms and harsh winds. Constructed with impact-resistant glass, which makes a strong shield against flying debris. The glass is also shatter-resistant.

Lowered Insurance

Installing SIW’s Impact Glass Garage Door will significantly improve your home’s protection from hurricanes and intruders. As a result, you will most likely see a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Noise Reduction

Thanks to their density and insulation, your new glass garage doors can reduce the outside sound that penetrates your walls. If you experience disruption caused by passers-by, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, traffic, and more, you will be pleasantly surprised by the reduction in sound.

Criminal Protection

Along with extra protection from storms, these garage doors also deter criminal activity. The glass is extremely strong and can withstand blows. If a crack does occur, the glass is shatter-resistant and should still prevent the unwanted guest from getting in.

Heat Reduction

SIW’s glass garage doors deter ultraviolet rays from entering your property. Your interior will be cooler and more comfortable, and your cooling system will work less, saving you money on your energy bills.

SIW Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Brochure
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