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Florida Storm Protection (FSP) is a family-owned-and-operated company, opening shop in 2004. We are a licensed and insured General Contractor, with over 40 years of experience. License #CGC1515827

James Frangos is the first generation in FSP’s story. James began installing windows as a carpenter in Ohio after serving in the military. He moved his family to South Florida in the ‘70s, where he worked as a Master Installer for TM Windows and Bliss Glass, installing in most high rises with these companies. James is a licensed General Contractor, Realtor, and an engineering graduate. 

Tim and Shawn Frangos are sons of James. They were brought up in the construction business from teenagers, learning hands-on about window and door installation from their father. The boys quickly caught on and immediately shared the same passion as their father. 

In 2004, hurricane season reached a record high, with many storms causing widespread damage to South Florida homes. The Frangos family saw a void in the hurricane protection market of licensed contractors delivering superior products and quality installations. Tim seized upon this opportunity and started FSP with Shawn. They installed their first 300 projects together. 

FSP began as a shutter company and quickly grew on word-of-mouth advertising. It has evolved into a leading impact window and door installation company. Shawn and Tim were partner-owners for many years, growing the business together. In 2020, Shawn moved his family to Tennessee. Tim now runs the business with the help of other family members and additional knowledgeable personnel. Tim’s son, Tyler, runs inspections and is the third generation Frangos serving FSP’s customers.

Florida Storm Protection Unlimited prides itself on three key principles:

  • Offering products that are dependable and well-made at an affordable price.
  • Ensuring that every installation meets Florida Building Code requirements and FSP’s high standards of quality.
  • Keeping customer service a top priority.
FSP has completed thousands of installations and is an expert in the hurricane protection industry. We offer installation warranties of two years for residential and one year for commercial applications. If a customer calls from a project we installed several years ago, we are happy to provide service and address the issue.

Meet the Operations Team

Timothy Frangos, Manager

Tim is a subject matter expert. He has extensive knowledge of the products we work with and all aspects of installation. He reads building plans and helps engineers and architects to devise technical solutions for overcoming difficult obstacles encountered in the South Florida impact window and door market. He performs the ordering for all impact windows and doors. Tim also works with contractors as needed. 

Tim knows the ins and outs of the business. He knows all the products from all the different manufacturers and their capabilities. He knows how big you can go with each type of window. For example, some manufacturers have bigger windows and some have smaller windows. Sliding glass doors have certain capabilities that other types of doors don’t. Tim uses his knowledge and creative thinking to formulate solutions that meet clients’ needs on a daily basis. 

James Frangos, Manager

James is a licensed general contractor, a licensed realtor, and graduated with a degree in engineering. He is also a veteran of the Vietnam War. 

James began working in the window business as a young kid in Ohio, and then moved his family to Florida in the ‘70s, where he worked as a Master Installer for TM Windows and Bliss Glass. James has been in construction for over 40 years in South Florida, mainly focused on hurricane protection, impact windows and doors, and remodeling. Shawn and Tim Frangos gained knowledge of window and door installations as a result of James moving his family to South Florida and working in the window business. 

James has been a major contributing factor to the success of FSP, providing invaluable knowledge and insight of construction, engineering, and window installation.

Tracy Frangos, Manager

Tim’s wife puts together applications for obtaining homeowner association (HOA) approvals, inventories all products as they arrive, and enters project information into our workflow system to help keep everyone up to date on current statuses and operations running smoothly. Tracy keeps a beat on all projects and provides exceptional customer service. She also helps oversee insurance, finances, and other office administrative activities. If you need anything in the office, Tracy can assist you with it.

Daniel Duchacek, Installation & Operations Manager

Daniel oversees the installation crew.

Daniel began his tenure with FSP as an installer. He honed his installation skills for nine years, from 2008-2017, handling 99% of the jobs during that time. In his current position, Daniel utilizes his knowledge and expertise to analyze each installation job from an engineering perspective. For each job, he goes to the site to perform the final measurements. At that time, he assesses the structural needs of the installation. 

In preparation for installation, Daniel orders all materials required, such as caulk, screws, tubing, wood, wood bucks–everything we need to install your job from A to Z. During installation, Daniel provides project management, overseeing the crew and checking their work. This includes making sure we have all tubes and attachments right. Daniel also teaches new installers how to install to FSP’s standards. 

Daniel performs the ordering for all shutter jobs, including roll-ups. These orders all go through him. Daniel problem solves with Tim and other team members to find solutions when obstacles are encountered.

Daniel has a background in performing electrical work. He is originally from the Czech Republic, where he obtained and maintained licensure as an electrician. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he also owned and operated a music club in his native land.

Tom Frangos, Head of Permitting

Tom prepares and submits permit applications to the different cities we serve. This requires navigating many different technical challenges. Tom helps with structural engineering, site engineering, and specific wind load design pressures. He deals with plan review and inspectors from all the different city departments and their ever-changing new Florida Building Codes. Tom is an expert in design pressures and calculations within South Florida’s high-velocity zones.

Marni Frangos, Head of Service

Marni leads our service division, which addresses any issues customers have with their products or installation. She talks to customers to understand their needs. She coordinates the service work with FSP employees and enters service tickets with manufacturers. She also handles Notices of Commencement (NOCs) and Release of Liens. Marni performs financial services for the company, such as functions utilizing Quickbooks. In addition, she assists Tom with permitting. Marni wears many different hats and helps with all requests that come her way.

Tyler Frangos, Lead Inspector

Tyler is Tim’s son, the third generation Frangos. Once a job is complete, Tyler coordinates the inspection with the City and is the FSP representative present during inspection. Tyler also assists with service requests. Tyler is a pleasure to work with, both for internal staff and especially for customers.

William Majewski, Sales Consultant, Impact Windows and Doors and Shutters

Bill speaks with customers to learn what they are looking for. He visits the site of the work to provide a free estimate. This includes taking measurements. Bill uses his product knowledge to help the customer determine which hurricane protection products will best suit their needs. William avails himself to his customers throughout the process, answering questions and providing assistance wherever needed.

Brian Hassel, Sales Consultant, Impact Windows and Doors and Shutters

Brian consults with customers to understand what they are looking for. He uses his experience in the industry to help the customer determine what hurricane protection solutions will best meet their needs. Brian provides free estimates, including on-site visits and measurements. Brian addresses customers’ needs throughout the entire process.

Toll Free: 1.888.FLA.STRM (352-7876)

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