Florida Storm Protection is licensed and insured to perform installations in residential, commercial, and high-rise properties. Our installations are performed according to Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code standards.

Important Factors of FSP’s Installation Process

  • Assess the structural requirements of each installation and make the proper preparations.
  • Carefully move your furniture as needed and put it back in its place.
  • Dust protection: 
    • Place plastic overlays over your furniture and floors to protect them
    • Put dust walls up as needed
    • Use drop cloths
    • Use full-length runners throughout the house
    • Close room doors to contain the dust
  • Vacuum up the dust generated.
  • Use of high-quality caulk and screws.
  • Address problem areas: Remove old structural wood framing (bucks) and replace it with new, pressure-treated wood. 
  • Wood and Trim: FSP installs interior and exterior case moldings on all impact doors.
  • Clean-up: Remove all tools, materials, and debris. We often leave your property cleaner than it was when we arrived.
  • Inspection: We meet with city inspectors on-site to ensure the installation meets code.


  • We place a lien on the property via a notice of commencement.
  • Upon request, and once payment is received in full, we will release the lien. Otherwise, the lien falls off after approximately one year. 

We offer the following installation warranties:

  • Residential: 2-year warranty
  • Commercial: 1-year warranty

Please find FSP’s Installation Warranty Document here:

Daniel Duchacek, Installation & Operations Manager

Daniel Duchacek oversees all installations. Daniel performed installations with FSP from 2008-2017. He now manages the installation crew, directing their process and checking their work, including making sure all tubes and attachments are correct. Daniel assesses each installation from an engineering perspective, determining the structural requirements and approach. He is originally from the Czech Republic, where he was a licensed electrician.

Mario Cacko, Lead Installer

Mario is from Slovakia, formerly part of Czechoslovakia. He came to America 25 years ago and has been working in construction for the duration, building from Key West to Jacksonville. He has been installing with FSP since 2010. Mario’s construction portfolio includes the following buildings:

  • BB&T Center in Sunrise, where the Florida Panthers play
  • Muvico Theaters – Pompano Beach, ‘97
  • Muvico Theaters – Sheridan
  • Thomasville – Glades Rd, Boca Raton
  • Multiple Publix & Target buildings
  • High-rise in Bell Harbor, Miami 

Design Solutions

Our team consults with you to design the best storm protection solution for your needs. Two examples are below:

1. SIW Offset Sliding Glass Door

Our client wanted to install an impact sliding glass door in an opening located mostly above their pool. We worked with the manufacturer, SIW, to design the door so that the operable glass panel would be smaller than normal and would direct your step onto the pool deck. The glass panel directly above the water was stationary.

2. Steel & Other Structural Work

The window & door work described below were part of a challenging, dynamic project. The owner completely remodeled his house, from the roof down to redesigning the multi-level main floor to one level.

Retrofit Windows via Steel Redesign

The windows in the back of the house were originally full glass, 15’ high. In redoing the back, we took out all of this structure. We removed the vertical steel beams. We put one big piece of steel in the corner and one across the middle. We placed additional steel beams to make the openings. This was a retrofit. We designed the new window structure and style to fit the modernization of the home.

Curved Windows

Three sets of windows were curved. We had to figure out how to make this design element work. It took creative thinking from an engineering perspective to achieve proper installation.


The glass above the front door was 650lbs. We had to use a jack to lift it up. We had two guys on each side, holding it, and one guy operating the jack lift. We jacked it up to the height of the steel above the pivot door and then lifted it off and put it on the steel. Once we got it in place, we screwed it in. It had to be perfectly set because there were tubes and a sidelight on each side. This required moving the window around to get it right–measuring it and making sure it was right.

SIW Bi-Folding Doors

Folding doors are very difficult to install.

Installation in Action

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