SIW Impact Decorative Entry Doors

Your Front Entry Door is a reflection of the style of your home’s architecture and design. SIW offers a large selection of standard designs and specializes in customization as well. The finished door will greatly enhance the entryway of your home. It will also provide heavy-duty, reliable, and protective properties, helping to safeguard you from burglars and hurricanes.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum size for Double Doors: 101″ x 144″.
  • Maximum size for Single Doors: 52″ x 144″.
  • Standard Sentinel 3-Point Lock system, which includes decorative backplates and Lever handles. Commercial Lock Mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Custom Powder-Coated finishes and various Woodgrain Colors available.
  • Standard Sill, Lo-Rise Sill for thin flooring, ADA Sill for Commercial Applications and no sill for courtyard Doors available.
  • Laminated 7/16″ Impact Glass, 9/16″ Laminated Impact & 1″ Impact Glass.


Sets the Tone of Your Home

Your front door sets the overall tone of your home and is the central, inviting point. Presentation is key, as well as is safety. SIW’s impact decorative entrance doors can be made according to specific measurements and personalized to reflect your unique style and the general structure of your home. They can be as decorative and elaborate as you choose, all while providing superior impact-resistant properties. From door window design to additional detailing, SIW can meet your specific requests.

Hurricane Protection

SIW’s impact products are strong and resilient, made to be long-lasting and durable. They withstand wind speeds between 210 and 390 miles per hour and meet the requirements of both Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida.

Crime Protection

It is not uncommon for intruders to invade your home through the front door. SIW’s custom entry doors are extremely difficult to break through. Repeated smashing, banging, pushing and the like will not bust through or shatter the glass of an SIW product. Enjoy greater peace of mind with SIW’s custom front entry door standing guard.

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