CGI Sentinel

Strength, style, and security for your home and family.

Sentinel Windows and Doors are manufactured and backed by CGI, which was founded in 1992 and is one of the original pioneers in design and manufacture of high-performance, impact, hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

Sentinel’s windows and doors are custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of every architectural style. Installing these products is a smart investment:

  • They deliver protection from severe weather conditions
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Lower your property insurance premiums in most instances
  • Laminated impact glass reduces energy requirements for heating and cooling your property
  • Laminated impact glass provides improved security against intruders
  • Laminated glass eliminates up to 99% of UV ray damage to your interior furnishings
  • Laminated impact glass reduces outside noise transmission into the interior of your home or property
  • Energy-saving options:
    • Save on your cooling and heating bill by selecting from energy-efficient glass choices including: tinted glass, LoE coatings, and insulated glass.
      • Tinted or LoE glass coatings reflect solar heat, so heat energy is reflected away and keeps summer out, while visible light passes through to the interior.

CGIC (CGI Commercial)

Bringing together industry-leading solutions, CGI Commercial is committed to being a trusted partner with architects, engineers, glaziers, and dealers in the commercial market. They offer pre-glazed storefront window wall and door systems configured for some of the most demanding commercial and residential applications in the industry.

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