SIW Impact Single Hung Windows


All of SIW’s windows are fabricated with heavy .078 to 1.25 thick aluminum frame (not PVC), and laminated glass. SIW windows’ low tolerance reduces air-infiltration, therefore reducing heat transfer between the inside and the outside. Low-E glass and insulated glass options are available for areas experiencing a high level of sunlight. 


  • Maximum size tested: 53 ⅛” x 96” with (+106.7 -130)
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum is painted with an electrostatic paint for low maintenance
  • Frame depth is 3″ for windows
  • Nominal wall thickness is .078 for all windows
  • Installation holes are pre-punched for easy installation


  • Multiple glazing options are available to meet various design requirements
  • All products have a structural extruded aluminum glazing bead for stronger resistance to wind loads
  • All products are wet glazed for greater strength and seal

SIW manufactures high-quality aluminum impact resistant windows and doors for the residential and highrise market.

SIW products are approved in the State of Florida and also in Miami-Dade County. Their manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to be able to provide accurate and precise dimensions for their products. Multiple glazing options are available.

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