SIW Ornamental Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Product Specifications

  • Maximum size for Double Doors: 76″ x 132″.
  • Maximum size for Single Doors: 39 3/8″ x 132″ / 48″ x 120″.
  • Standard Sentinel 3-Point Lock system which includes decorative backplates and Lever handles. Commercial Lock Mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Custom Powder-Coated Finishes and various Woodgrain Colors available.
  • Standard Sill, Lo-Rise Sill for thin flooring, ADA Sill for Commercial Applications and no sill for courtyard Doors available.
  • Laminated 7/16″ Impact Glass & 1″ Insulated Impact.
  • Hinged Ornamental Wrought Iron for easy cleaning available.

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