SIW Impact Pivot Door

Model # S-900

Pivot entry doors are becoming more popular due to the amount of modern homes and the need for coverage of large openings resulting from architectural design. Pivot doors offer a unique, defined look, which nicely complements modern and contemporary homes.

Pivot doors are great options for where there is a large amount of space and enough floor room for the door to be able to swing all around. Designed for applications with a very large opening and minimal space interruption. Pivot points can be set to the center or slightly off center for all sizes and designs, pending engineering approval. Provide a smooth and quiet operation to enhance a tranquil environment.

SIW’s high-performance pivot door meets and exceeds the Miami Dade & Florida Building Codes. Pivot doors can be built with full glass, true divided lites, and decorative muntins. You can choose the pivot points, colors of the door, and shades of the glass. 

Product Specifications

  • Inswing/Outswing maximum sizes are 60” x 120”, 72” x 108”, and 74” x 100” for a single panel.
  • Standard Frame Colors: White, Bronze
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum with textured finish to obtain the look of wood is available.
  • Optional Frame Colors: Anodized, Black Kynar, Hazelnut, English Oak, Walnut, Honey Cherry, Red Cinnamon, Sandcaster, Driftwood, Custom Colors
  • Full Glass Door with the option of True Divided & Applied Rails.
  • Frame depth is 4”. 
  • Installation holes are pre-punched for easy installation.
  • Standard Sentinel 3-Point Lock system which includes decorative backplates & Lever handles.
  • Custom Commercial 3-point lock mechanism with Pull Handles available.
  • Standard ADA Sill.
  • 7/16″ Laminated Impact Glass for full panels and 1″ Insulated Impact Glass for True Divided Lites.
  • Custom Frame is available for 1/4″ cladding inside and out (with no approval).
  • Weather Stripping: Fully weather-stripped throughout, which provides a tight seal to prevent water and air filtration. Glazed with Santoprene Gasket with (100% STRAIN) = 406 PSI.

Unique Look

The impact pivot entry door has its own, beautiful look to it. It is an innovative, in-demand product. The designs for pivot doors can be customized with nine different choices for wood color and multiple glass color options.


The pivot door has the same strength and durability as SIW’s hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors, remaining unaffected by winds traveling between 210 to 390 miles per hour.


The insulation that SIW impact pivot doors have is so secure when closed that they offer the same benefits as SIW’s impact windows.

Noise Reduction

Pivot doors with impact glass keep sound from getting through. Impact-resistant products create this drop in external sound by being properly insulated.

Protection from Heat Exposure

Because SIW impact pivot doors and windows have strong aluminum frames and thick, double glazing panes, they are able to block 99% of intense ultraviolet rays. 

With traditional windows, light shines through, making it easy for heat to seep through and cause the indoor temperature to rise. This results in poor energy use, as cooling systems overwork to battle the incoming heat from outside. 

The proper insulation of SIW impact pivot doors and windows significantly reduces the heat that comes in and helps keep your home cooler. This energy-efficient design will likely bring down your energy bill.

Intruder Deterrence

The high intensity of impact resistance in SIW pivot doors and products makes it extremely difficult for any break-ins to occur. The impact glass is shatter-resistant and the products are properly insulated, helping prevent penetration by intruders.

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