Flexible Hurricane Screens Protect the Most Vulnerable Areas—Any Size or Shape

Unbelievably Strong, Transparent, Quiet,
Maintenance-free and Stress-free

Flexible hurricane screens are able to protect windows, doors, open areas and roof overhangs (unlike any shutter) because:

  • They’re extremely strong – exceeded Miami/Dade wind test by 3 times (276 mph) and the impact force test for large missiles by five times without being damaged!
  • They block 95 percent of wind and rain so you can sit outside during a storm with high winds. Flexible hurricane screens are also great for all-weather protection so outside areas can be used at any time—especially important for restaurants.
  • They’re maintenance free—save you money, especially for condominiums.
  • They’re custom engineered for any shape or size opening or area. Applications that are impossible for other products are easily accomplished with flexible hurricane screens.
  • The transparent protection allows you to see out and take advantage of the available light—you avoid feeling claustrophobic.
  • They’re quiet—no noise as objects hit the screen.
  • They’re easy to deploy and store in minutes without tools—almost anyone can deploy.

Emergency Agencies, airports, hospitals and universities
trust Flexible Polypropylene Screens® to protect their
critical locations, while saving time and thousands of dollars.

  • They protect vulnerable overhang areas, such as balconies, lanais, porches, patios and walkways, where winds can double in speed and cause significant damage.
  • Create storage space during a storm.
  • They have minimal impact on the architectural design of your building.
  • They’re lightweight—weigh 90 percent less then rigid shutters so most anyone can carry and deploy.
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Beige, Cream and White.

Handles custom jobs of any shape or
size that are impossible with shutters.