ARMOR SCREEN® Hurricane Protection Exceeds Miami-Dade Building Codes

Armor Screen® Hurricane Protection is transparent, easy to deploy, lightweight and amazingly strong.
Florida Storm Protection- Generators and MoreThe world’s first “regular-looking” fixed screen that exceeds Miami/Dade hurricane codes. In fact, extremely strong—exceeding the Miami-Dade wind test by three times (276 mph) and the impact force test for large missiles by five times without being damaged.

Armor Screen’s patented system uses a unique interwoven design which provides an excellent barrier to high winds and driving rain, yet you can see right through it. Replace that ‘dark cave’ effect of traditional systems with natural light. Get peace of mind without feeling trapped.

It offers many benefits, including:

  • Protect your building with no impact on its beauty — hardware is almost invisible.
  • It blocks 95 percent of wind and rain so you can sit outside during a storm with high winds.
  • It’s easy to deploy and store in minutes without tools—almost anyone can deploy.

Florida Storm Protection- Armor ScreenEmergency Agencies, airports, hospitals and universities trust Armor Screen® to protect their critical locations, while saving precious time and money.

Miami-Dade County and Florida NOA Seal Miami-Dade County and Florida NOA No. 07-0424.04 (exp. 01/07/2009) and Florida Building Code Product Approval Nos. FL320, FL821, FL836.
  • Provides freedom of design for Architects with strength respected by Engineers. Applications that are impossible for other products are easily accomplished with Armor Screen®.
  • Flexible mounting systems adapt to any building.
  • Covers spaces and overhangs which can become dangerous compressions zones.
  • Easily open doors behind the screens because pressure has been minimized.

Armor Screen

Easy to deploy or store in minutes – comes with its own convenient storage system

  • Minimal impact on the architectural design of your building.
  • Weighs 90 percent less than traditional shutters — less than 1 oz. per square foot
  • It’s maintenance free—saves you money, especially for condominiums on the ocean.
  • Warranty: 10 years (and expected to last a lifetime)

Armor Screen

Handles custom jobs of any shape or size that would otherwise be impossible with traditional shutters